Another Testimonial from a happy client –
I came to Teri just before my birthday Nov 3rd 2014. I had suffered for years from incredible bloating. After seeing too many doctors and being tested for celiac etc., I took the Imuno Labs and ALCAT Food sensitivity tests. Both indicated several factors such as Gluten/Wheat as part of the problem as well as Bakers and  Brewers yeast.  I was not able to introduce Gluten back into my diet as when I did so I did not feel well.  I re-took  ALCAT again but nothing new was really showing up. I learned about Healing Paths and Teri Cochrane through a friend. At first when I heard about the methods used I was totally skeptical. I went to see Teri, and it was amazing in so many ways. First, it was amazing because Teri understood my problem like no other health practitioner or doctor had.    Teri  discerned that not only did I have a problem with gluten, I also had a problem with candida.   I had been taking a probiotic for nearly a year to  treat my bloated feeling,  but it became worst and worse to the point of only eating  once a day and feeling terrible the entire next day. Teri immediately had me stop the probiotic and said that I would return to this once the problem cleared.   I  was actually feeding the problem.

While I had eliminated Gluten, Bakers Yeast, Brewers Yeast,  I had never attacked the root  problem. In my haste to replace Gluten and yeast, I turned heavily to fruits, corn, rice and potato based products.   Teri explained  that these gluten-free foods were turning to sugar in my system and therefore actually feeding the problem,  not fixing it

Teri recommended  a diet which would eliminate virtually all sugars and foods that converted to sugar in my body. She provided a very organized food chart of do’s and don’t’s, to help. Additionally Teri provided supplements that would help eliminate the yeast as well as strep problems she discovered. Within weeks I was feeling like a new person! For the first time since I can remember I was waking up and eating breakfast. In fact I was finding myself eating/snacking 3, 4, and even 5 times a day. I was not feeling bloated, but hungry. It was as if my metabolism kicked into high gear and my body was happy for the first time in years! I followed Teri’s diet to the letter taking my supplements and avoiding foods  as recommended.  This was not easy as the time of year included my birthday, Thanksgiving, the holidays and a cruise! Ultimately the trade off  was worth it.  I  was sleeping better, feeling better, waking better and generally more happy.

I came back to Teri just after new years and was so happy to learn that much of what I had suffered from was gone or so much better. I could introduce foods back into my diet and my progress was amazing. I am now seeing Teri for migraines which I hope to rid myself of given the drugs I must take, but I am truly amazed at how well I feel.

Teri’s ability to not only diagnose but work with you as an individual with specific needs is beyond amazing. Teri understands how the body works and how it interacts with nutrients and toxins. You can tell Teri cares about her patients and has a huge passion for her work! I am blessed to have found something after all these years that actually is making a difference in my life and the way I feel!

Thank you Teri!

Scott G.

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