About Teri Cochrane, Integrative Practitioner, CCP

I was drawn to the field of nutritional health almost 20 years ago after experiencing a health crisis in my own family.  My son spent his early life struggling with asthma, digestive issues, and failure to thrive. I was told to prepare for a life that revolved around his constant health issues – including brain seizures, hampered development and growth, and persistent hospital visits.

I sought second, third, and fourth opinions, to no avail.  All the drugs were making him weaker.  Initially like most parents, I thought, we can live with his diagnosis and we will make the best of it. But then I had a little flicker of light and thought to myself  “what if doesn’t have to be this way?”

My solution-seeking nature led me to become a rabid researcher and was eventually fortunate to find a medical doctor of pediatrics who helped put my son on his path to healing. (This doctor later became my mentor).

Soon after, tests showed he was unable to properly process wheat, dairy, peanuts, corn, and citrus. But there was more going on. His immune, endocrine, and digestive systems were compromised. I continued to do research and started feeding my family differently. All our familiar foods were literally off the table. I was scared but not discouraged. Slowly, I became more confident about how to select the right foods and how to cook in a new way that served their specific needs and worked with their body chemistry. I kept doing research. I started making connections between foods and immune system response. It was clear that what I was putting in my children’s bodies had a direct correlation on their state of health.

My eldest child is now on a full academic scholarship at University of Virginia, after having been a Junior Olympian, multi-sport athlete, and musician.

The next level of learning for me came up for me in the last 3 years, when my daughter was poisoned and became liver toxic. Then soon after went septic due to a botched wisdom tooth extraction and spent several days in the hospital. We almost lost her.  At 15, this otherwise healthy, beautiful and  brilliant young woman became very sick.  Her genes had been expressed. At that time the human genome and bio-genetics was just starting to come into our awareness. I did not know what had occurred to her  at the time but it led me to do deep research after doctors across the country could not resolve her symptoms. She stopped mensing  for 9 months, her body temperature could not get higher than 97 degrees and averaged around 96 degrees. Her insulin skyrocketed, she started losing hair and she started passing out. Her face become very puffy and her blood pressure dropped to dangerously low levels. Once again I became a rabid researcher. This is when I became a biomolecular hacker. This led to the next generation of my practice.  She is now thriving at Duke University-studying physics, economics and ballet.

I left my 20 year corporate finance career almost 15 years ago and returned to school. Since that time I have dedicated myself to ongoing research to get to the Root of the Root of each one of my clients.  I’ve now helped to transform thousands of clients from states of illness and imbalance to  living healthier and happier lives through my private practice. I also regularly give lectures  spreading my message.

As for my educational credentials, I received my Bachelors of Science from the University of Florida, and am a graduate of the Huntington College of Health Sciences, the National Leadership Institute, and the Upledger Institute. I am an Integrative Practitioner and Certified Coach Practitioner.  I also have certifications and extensive experience in holistic medicinal practices.

Teri Cochrane at the farmer's market